9mm pistol cleaning Kit with brass brush wool brush and bristle brush


  • 9mm cleaning kit
  • hard case
  • brass brush bristle brush and wool brush
  • with extendable rods
  • Imported cleaning kit

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Cleaning is very important thing in our daily life . every thing needs cleaning . And when it comes to self defence then nobody want to take a risk. Cleaning of guns and pistols are very necessary . Guns are used in almost every countries by Armed forces as well as civilians. Every country gives armed licence to civilians by which they own guns for self defence hunting  or shooting sports. But when a bullet is fired and the barrel is not cleaned properly it get rust then it cannot be cleaned properly . This cleaning kit has soft wool brush which removes dust particles from barel it its a little rust then the brass brush removes the rust from the barrel and its cleaned properly. Its a complete cleaning solution for 9mm barrels . It has extendable rods which can be attached if barrel is long. It is packed in a hard plastic box . Its easy to use. It works with .38, .357 and 9 millimeter pistols. It can be used on all 9mm pistols like tisas turkiye zigana sports zigana f zigana k . This pistol cleaning kit is compatible with Glock 19 glock 17 glock 18c glock 26 Beretta 92 fs . Its compatible with new models like Taurus G3c Taurus pt92 .

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