Aluminum Handguard Quad Rail System for M4 Rifle – Black Color, Compatible with CQ M4, Colt M4, Norinco M4


  • Aluminum Handguard Quad Rail System for M4 Rifle
  • Enhance rifle’s versatility with accessory attachment
  • Sturdy construction from high-quality aluminum
  • Secure fitting with included screws for stability
  • Sleek black color with a tactical quad rail design
  • Compatible with CQ M4, Colt M4, Norinco M4, and similar models
  • Easy installation for straightforward upgrade
  • Elevate shooting experiences with customized performance.
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Enhanced Customization: The Aluminum Handguard Quad Rail System allows you to attach various accessories such as optics, grips, lasers, and more, enhancing your rifle’s versatility and performance.

Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this handguard is built to withstand rugged conditions and maintain its structural integrity over time.

Secure Fitting: The included screws ensure a secure and stable fit onto your M4 rifle, minimizing movement during operation and maintaining consistent accuracy.

Black Color: The sleek black color of the handguard complements the aesthetics of your M4 rifle, while the quad rail design adds a tactical edge.

Compatible Models: Engineered to fit perfectly with CQ M4, Colt M4, Norinco M4, and similar rifles, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances your shooting experience.

Easy Installation: The handguard’s design allows for straightforward installation, letting you upgrade your rifle’s capabilities without extensive modifications.

Versatile Performance: Whether you’re a professional shooter, law enforcement personnel, or a recreational enthusiast, this handguard quad rail system offers the platform you need to customize your rifle to your preferences.

Elevate your M4 rifle’s performance with our Aluminum Handguard Quad Rail System. Enhance your customization options, maintain accuracy, and achieve a tactical edge with the ease of installation. Upgrade your rifle to a new level of functionality and versatility.

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