Quick Detachable Super Swivels: Effortless Attachment for Most Bolt Action Rifles


    1. Universal fit: Compatible with a wide range of bolt action rifles.
    2. Quick detachable mechanism: Effortless attachment and removal of slings.
    3. Durable and reliable: Crafted with precision for long-lasting performance.
    4. Seamless upgrade: Replaces most factory-installed non-detachable swivels.
    5. Versatile functionality: Enhances the adaptability of your firearm for various applications.


Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these swivels boast a quick detachable mechanism that streamlines the process of attaching and detaching slings, ensuring swift transitions without compromising on reliability. With a universal fit that surpasses that of most factory-installed non-detachable swivels, these QD swivels are a seamless upgrade to enhance the functionality and flexibility of your firearm.

Invest in the Quick Detachable Super Swivels for a seamless and hassle-free sling attachment experience, revolutionizing the way you handle and carry your bolt action rifle.

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