Universal Belly Band Holster with 2 Spare Magazine Pouches – Brown (Waist Size 30-42 inches)


  • Versatile Belly Band Holster
  • Suitable for Waist Sizes 30-42 Inches
  • Brown Color for Discreet Carrying
  • Equipped with 2 Spare Magazine Pouches
  • Includes an ID License Pouch
  • Comfortable and Secure Firearm Carry


Universal Compatibility: This belly band holster is designed to fit a variety of handguns, allowing you to carry your preferred firearm with ease. It’s compatible with compact, sub-compact, and even full-sized pistols.

Two Spare Magazine Pouches: In addition to your firearm, this holster provides two spare magazine pouches, ensuring you have extra ammunition readily accessible.

License Pouch: For added convenience, there’s a dedicated pouch to carry your license or ID, making it easily accessible when needed.

Comfortable and Adjustable: The elastic band is comfortable to wear against your skin, and it can be adjusted to fit your waist size within the 30-42 inches range. This ensures a snug and secure fit.

Discreet Concealment: The brown color and slim design allow for discreet concealed carry, whether you’re wearing it under clothing or with an untucked shirt.

Versatile Carry Options: You can position the holster for appendix carry, cross draw, small of the back, or any other position that suits your preference.

Secure Retention: Your firearm will be securely held in place to prevent accidental dislodging while ensuring quick and easy access when needed.

The Universal Belly Band Holster offers a practical and comfortable way to carry your firearm, spare magazines, and identification. It’s an ideal choice for those who prioritize concealed carry and versatility in their holster options.

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