Black Polymer Right-Side OWB Holster for Belts – Sig Sauer P226 Compatible


    • Sleek and durable black polymer construction for longevity and professional appearance
    • Designed for right-side belt attachment, ensuring natural draw and easy access
    • Compatibility with Sig Sauer P226 for a perfect fit and secure carrying
    • Adjustable retention feature for added security during various activities
    • Provides a seamless and efficient handling experience for smooth firearm operation
    • Ensures both style and functionality, offering a secure and comfortable carrying solution.


Our holster is built for practicality and convenience, easily attaching to belts for quick and effortless access. The right-side configuration offers a natural draw and a seamless fit, enabling a smooth and efficient handling experience. The adjustable retention feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your Sig Sauer P226 stays firmly in place during any activity.

With its versatile design and sturdy construction, our black polymer holster provides the perfect blend of style, functionality, and safety. Elevate your carrying experience and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Sig Sauer P226 is securely and comfortably within reach.


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Weight 0.3 kg

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