Premium Imported Parachute Outside Waistband Holster for Glock 17, Glock 19, and Other Pistols – Green


– Imported Parachute Outside Waistband Holster in a stylish green color.
– Designed to fit Glock, Taurus, Canik, Beretta 92 FS, CF98, NP 34, NP 22, 30 bore, and other popular pistol models.
– Durable parachute material ensures long-lasting performance and protection for your firearm.
– Outside waistband design allows for quick and easy drawing when needed.
– Provides secure retention, keeping your pistol in place during movement.
– Comfortable to wear, making it suitable for extended use during various activities.
– Enables concealed carry for discreet and accessible personal protection.
– A must-have addition for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement, and shooting sports enthusiasts alike.

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Introducing our high-quality Imported Parachute Outside Waistband Holster, designed to accommodate various popular pistols, including Glock, Taurus, Canik, Beretta 92 FS, CF98, NP 34, NP 22, 30 bore, and many other models. This versatile holster offers a secure and comfortable fit for your firearm, ensuring easy access and quick draw when needed.

Crafted from durable parachute material, this holster provides excellent protection for your pistol while maintaining a lightweight and low-profile design. The green color adds a touch of style and visibility, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, and shooting sports enthusiasts.

Key Features:
– Premium Imported Parachute Material: Built to withstand daily wear and tear, providing reliable durability and long-lasting performance.
– Outside Waistband Design: Facilitates quick and effortless drawing, enabling you to respond swiftly to potential threats or emergencies.
– Universal Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of popular pistol models, ensuring a perfect fit for your firearm.
– Secure Retention: The holster’s design ensures that your pistol remains securely in place during movement and activities.
– Comfortable Wear: The holster’s construction ensures a comfortable fit, making it suitable for extended wear during various activities.
– Concealment and Accessibility: The holster allows for concealed carry, providing easy access when needed.

Experience the confidence and convenience of carrying your Glock, Taurus, Canik, Beretta 92 FS, CF98, NP 34, NP 22, 30 bore, or other compatible pistols with our Imported Parachute Outside Waistband Holster. Whether you’re an avid shooter or someone looking for reliable personal protection, this holster is a must-have addition to your gear collection. Trust in its quality, versatility, and functionality for your everyday carry needs. Stay prepared and stay safe with this premium holster.

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