X Grip For Glock 26 Pistols Glock 19 Magazine to Glock 26 Grip


  • X grip for GLock 26 pistols
  • Black color
  • Use for glock 26 with glock 19 magazine
  • Provides best grip to hand
  • Easy to install in magazine
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The Softer, Gentler Magazine Sleeve

The Magazine Sleeve is a simple yet extremely effective method of providing a better grip on smaller framed handguns. It simply slides over the top of a longer magazine and fills in the gap where the magazine sticks out of the frame.

XGRIP is made of an elasticized polymer, which means that it is soft to the touch. It feels great in your hands. It’s definitely different from the original Magazine Sleeve, item #2046, in the way it feels, but the concept is the same.

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